Tinton Falls NJ DUI Lawyers

If you were arrested and subsequently charged with DWI, DUI or Breath Test Refusal in Tinton Falls, it is in your interest to secure representation from the best lawyers available. There are many reasons for this statement including the fact that you will be subject to a mandatory driver’s license suspension and other penalties which largely hinge on whether this would be your first offense, second offense or third offense. You should also know that this municipality only ranks 12th in square miles and in population in Monmouth County, it is consistently at the top of the rankings in terms of DWI violations. The presence of both the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Route 18 is definitely a major contributing factor to the 200 plus filings in the jurisdiction most years.

The attorneys at Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are uniquely qualified to defend you in Tinton Falls Municipal Court. Our defense staff includes seasoned former prosecutors from the area who make up the largest DWI/DUI defense team in the state. We have been appearing in this venue for several decades utilizing our advanced training and experience to secure favorable outcomes. For example, the first three named partners in the firm are among the pool of far less than ten in the state that are dual certified on the Alcotest and as instructors in Field Sobriety Testing by the NHTSA. To speak to one of us in a free initial consultation about your DUI case, call our Tinton Falls Office (732-542-0039) or Red Bank Office (732-450-8300).

Experienced DWI Attorney To Avoid A Conviction

New Jersey law prohibits plea bargaining in DWI charges. What this means is that you will be incapable of escaping a mandatory penalties that include revocation of your driving privileges, fines, surcharges, ignition interlock, community service or even jail absent your attorney presenting a bona fide legal issue that prevents the prosecutor from securing a conviction. Satisfying this burden comes down to two things in our view, a commitment to seeing your case through irrespective of what is necessary and skill in defending driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol cases. This is pivotal to successfully handling a Tinton Falls DWI charge given the restriction placed on the court and state in resolving N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 cases. Our attorneys have a proven track record of doing whatever it takes to avoid a conviction and qualifications that are extreme in this area of defense. When you hire our office, you gain the comfort and confidence of knowing that you are obtaining top rate representation that will not be compromised. These attributes are the ones that you should be looking for in selection of a lawyer.

Tinton Falls NJ DWI Defense Lawyer

A lawyer at Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver is prepared to undertake a careful study the facts of your case. During your free initial consultation we will also provide you with our opinion as to the best course of action for defending your offense. Our lawyers rely on over 100 years of combined experience in DUI defense to provide this insight. An attorney is available immediately at 732-542-0039