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If you have been charged with underage DWI in Tinton Falls, it is important that you consult an attorney. N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.14 establishes significant penalties for those who commit this violation and it is triggered if someone under twenty-one operates a motor vehicle with any level of alcohol in their system.  This offense is often compounded by the fact that a commensurate DWI charge is also issued in this setting where the underage driver possesses a blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) that exceeds the legal limit of .08%.

Our Tinton Falls DWI Attorneys  can protect you against a conviction for these charges utilizing experience and training that is exceptional. We are the largest DWI and DUI defense firm in the state, employee several former prosecutors from Monmouth County, and offer representation from lawyers with top level training in this arena. Mr. Marshall, Mr. Bonus and Mr. Proetta are among a small group, certainly less than ten, who are certified as instructors in Standard Field Sobriety Testing by the NHTSA and also on the Alcotest. A lawyer at the firm is available at 732-542-1023 to immediately review the facts of your underage DWI offense and provide you with guidance you need.

Underage DWI Charge in Tinton Falls

Unlike the threshold that applies under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, lawmakers have adopted a zero tolerance policy when it comes those who drink and drive. What this translates into is a law that is violated whenever there is any BAC reading recorded by an underage defendant who has been driving.  A conviction results in a license suspension of 30-60 days and fifteen days of community service. An individual is also obligated to complete an approved alcohol education program such as the Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center. What can often complicate an underage drinking and driving case is the existence of a companion regular DWI charge and the penalties that also apply if the breath test reading of .08% or more is not eliminated. You will be subject to have a first DWI offense on your record, be exposed to a license suspension of up to 12 months, increased fines and an annual surcharge of $1,000 per year for three years. The flip side of all of this is that our lawyers can often accomplished a significant amount in these cases given our rate of eliminating breath test readings. When we are able to suppress the BAC result, there is no evidence of alcohol scientifically, and this can frequently yield a dismissal of the DWI or even the underage charge.

Tinton Falls Underage DWI Defense Lawyer

The attorneys at Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are clearly well equipped to assist you and/or your child in fighting an underage offense.  Our firm has represented hundreds of individuals accused of this charge over the last two decades. To speak to a lawyer with the skills necessary to successfully defend your underage DWI, call our Tinton Falls Office at 732-542-1023. The consultation is free so there is no reason to hesitate in contacting our lawyers.